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This Is Business Vol 1

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Let’s talk about my book that will be released in August titled “This Is Business Vol 1”. My name is Lamarr Mann and I started writing this book over ten years ago. I started writing this book about life events which included having teenage parents , growing up in a poor environment, finishing college, and my success as an entrepreneur. When I started to think through writing this type of book, I wasn’t sure if those topics were the best for my audience.

When I stepped away from my computer and stopped writing,  I began to rethink my focus for the book. It wasn’t until 2019 while I sat on an airplane when I decided to get back to writing my book but I changed the topics. I thought back to middle and high school and reflected on how if I knew what I know now where I would be in business. I also started to think about what has changed and moved me in such positive ways. I have always wanted to help people and I enjoy business principles.

After all my ideas came together and started to manifest , my book was born. Readers, this is just the beginning to what’s to come. I will post thoughtful material that include topics on business success, business credit, motivational quotes, and my personal milestones.  Stay tuned……


Summary of my upcoming book:

Is a creative instructional resource developed with the young aspiring entrepreneur in mind.  The author uses his own personal experiences from working as a teenager, and launching a business. To drive the message of youth entrepreneurship and to ensure the reader gleans as much as possible from this work. The reader will notice a particular underlying equation through each chapter. Personal story, life lessons, basic building blocks of the business, and space to bring it all together. After reading this work, the hope is that each reader has the tools necessary to not only create their business, but to successfully launch and maintain a healthy business as well.

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