Lessons for Business

Lessons for Business

Business family- I wanted to share Gary Vaunerchuk’s lessons for life and business. The tip that I like most is “Enjoy More”. There are times when I coach entrepreneurs and they complain even when things are going well. In my opinion, you should not complain about anything and you should create action plans to resolve your issues. You should also take a break from working and take a vacation to relieve stress . What you do think about Gary’s life and business lessons? What will you do different in life or in business based on these lessons?

Readers here is a special excerpt from my free e-book titled “How To Start A Business The Simple Way“:

The dream of having your own business can be quite fascinating. Although, running your own business can be highly demanding and stressful, with you being the boss, you have total control of your business which makes it thrilling. What happens when you have a business idea but you do not know how to get the business off the ground? This is a problem most beginners have when they want to start a business. They have a perfect idea but they just do not know how and when to implement the idea.

Operating a business is not for everyone; it demands time and commitment. And it can be a stressful way to make money. As a business owner, you have the luxury of being the boss and you have total control of your own life. You dictate orders and you don’t have anyone telling you what to do or what you aren’t supposed to do. The thought of being your own boss can be fascinating but it typically requires you to work longer hours and there is no guaranteed security of income. You might have money coming into your account rapidly and also money can disappear from your account just as fast.

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