Need help with starting your business?

Need help with starting your business or organizing your business ideas? If so, I am here to help you achieve your goals, by offering my Business Service.

What can I do to help your business? I work with my clients to help them grow and run an efficient business. I can also help my clients in the following areas:

Strategic planning

Develop business plan, marketing plan, and personnel plan.

Financial planning

Analyze cash flow and pricing strategies.

Marketing planning

Help with improving promotions, advertising, and PR services.

Premier Business Services:

This Is Business Training/Workshops

This Is Business Training/Workshops

Ideal for middle school, high school and college students. We cover the key elements of business and discuss how to set up a business. (This Is Business Vol 1 included with purchase.)

Small Business Training/Workshops

Small Business Training/Workshops

Ideal for adults who want to learn the key elements of business and how to set up a business.

Small Business Coaching

Small Business Coaching

Ideal for start-up business or established business looking to learn how to start, grow, or run an efficient business.

Please contact Lamarr Mann directly at (404)780-0476 to set up a free consultation.

*Note- Due to CO-VID 19 all sessions will be conducted virtually.